Getting started with the Fanvil X3U IP phone handset.

When getting started with the Fanvil X3U handset there are a few basic features you will want to know about! Whether you have just purchased a new phone system or are considering switching phone systems here is what you need to know getting set up:


1,From the top bottom we have 3 light fields which will show green if the person is  available or red if they are on the phone. You can press these buttons to dial that person. 


2,A little below that we’ve got the call log button which will show us the most recent inbound and outbound calls.


3,We have the address book on the contact button.


4,Next, the do not disturb button that will stop your phone from ringing so it’s good to put that on if you are going to be out of the office the next day or if you are in a meeting. 


5,Then we’ve got the menu button for more settings.

We are now going to go over A few Common buttons you will need to use daily:

1, This is the hold button Which will mute your voice and any noise on your end of the call. The on hold button won’t leave the caller in silence (and will play some music) which is why it is better than using the mute button. 

2, This is the transfer button which can be used if you want to transfer calls to another person.(see the next section for more details on how to transfer and conference calls.)

3, Next we have the conference button where you can add an additional person to the call. (see the next section for more details on how to transfer and conference calls.)

4, We also have the address book button where you can see all the contacts for your company and saved locally on your phone.

5, As previously mentioned we have the call log button so we can see all inbound,  outbound and missed calls here.

6, This button here will dial the previously dialled number instantly.

7,This button will activate a headset if you have one installed.

8,This is your voicemail which will glow if you do have any voice mails available.

Transferring a call:

While receiving a call the buttons along the top see pink highlighted section will change their functions. Along the top press the xvert button and then using the buttons highlighted in green select the person you would like to transfer the call to. This will place the person on hold so that you can let your team know that your transferring a call to them. Once they are ready for the call, you can press the transfer button a second time.


Call conferencing:

To call multiple people at the same time, while on the call select the conference button see pink highlighted section at the top. Next select the person you would like to conference in see green highlighted section. Now you and the people you have selected to conference in will all be in a conversation!


These are all of the basic features of using the Fanvil X3u phone handset. For any additional information leave a comment below or see the Fanvil website for a full user guide! We hope this blog has helped make sure to contact Liberate IT today for any business IT enquires like installing new Fanvil phone systems for example.

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