Tech Support Horror Stories From Around The Web

Tech Support Horror Stories From Around The Web

These are some of the craziest IT/Tech Support Horror stories we have found out there on the internet. IT support jobs get to see a great number of IT disasters that need fixing, in this article we discover a few.

Be warned these are internet stories, written by people on the internet, so they may not be the easiest to understand and/or read. So bare with us as we have tried to make these stories as understandable as Gen Z allows us to be.

IT Support Center Get Haunted By Its Past

IT Support Centre gets haunted by it’s past

The past is never history. It will haunt you till your dying breath. Let’s get on with how the past followed me to my new job. I was working for a web hosting company as phone support and was doing quite well. The start of a weekend shift had come which begins on a Friday and ends on a Monday. These shifts are great as we normally don’t take many calls so get time to stick a Netflix show on.

Then something completely unexpected happens in the call centre… the phone rings. I pick up and do my spiel mentioning the web hosting company I work for and asking how I can help.

Caller: “Yeah I would like to take you up on your wine offer.”I was very confused.

Me: “I’m sorry?”

Caller: “The one in your latest issue. It sounds like a good deal; can you tell me anything about the wines included?”

Me: My brain has reached a terminal fault. Where am I? What year is it? What is going on?

Caller: “This is Wine Company X isn’t it?”

The interesting thing is, I used to work for Wine Company XYZ! At this point, my brain is trying to flip its script from the new job record over to the past job record and it is scratching like a DJ during the Eurovision Song Contest.

Me: “Sorry, no… This is Web Hosting ABC company. I think you got the wrong number.” At this point, I notice ringing in the background. A lot more than normal. People are picking up calls left and right all while this scratching record in my brain is struggling to keep up!

Caller: “This is the number in the magazine I have.”

Me: “Yeah that’s our number but we are a web hosting company. We aren’t Wine Company X. I can’t help you.”

The call ends only to be followed quickly by another. And another…and another!. All are the same, nice elderly people wanting to purchase wine from us.. just like when I worked for Wine Company X.

Turns out that what was going to be a wonderfully relaxing weekend shift turned into a nightmare of constant wine calls from my past. The Wine Company X in question put our number in their latest magazine instead of theirs. This wasn’t just one number off, we are talking about the last 3 digits being completely different. We had to get more people in to cover the number of phone calls coming in and it cost the company a huge amount of money to deal with it. We were all exhausted by the end of the weekend. My nice tipple of wine at the end of a long shift became a grim reminder of what I had just worked through.

Well, the two companies finally sat down with each other and made some sort of arrangement in regard to the problems we faced. Probably a large amount of money changing hands. What did we get in the call centre? A bottle of wine for free from Wine Company X.

No Sir, I can’t show you how to commit a crime!

No Sir, I can’t show you how to commit a crime!

The repair company I work at is a small business and has two locations, one of which is in an interesting area. As such, we get a lot of interesting people. This guy came in yesterday.

Customer: “Hi, can you show me how to access someone’s text messages? I found some tutorials on YouTube but they didn’t work”
Tech Support: I assume he wants to back-up the messages so I start walking him through how to sync his phone
Customer: “No no no, I want someone else’s messages”
Tech Support: “Wait, this isn’t a device you own?”
Customer: “No”
Tech Support: “Do you have consent from the owner to read their messages?”
Customer: “No, that’s why I need you to show me how to see them”
Tech Support: “Sir, if you don’t have permission from the other person to read their messages it’s illegal to access them. I can’t show you how to do that here”
Customer: “Well do you know anywhere else that can”
Tech Support: “No sir, I’m not aware of any other repair shops that can help you do that, it’s a federal crime. I can pull up the relevant laws regarding unauthorized access to someone’s personal devices if you’d like”

Please increase my mailbox size to 1 Exabyte

Please increase my mailbox size to 1 Exabyte

Normal users get a mailbox size of 500 MB. For normal usage that’s enough. You’re not supposed to abuse the mail system as an “archiving” solution – we have a separate product for that.

But thanks to the current pandemic it can happen that some users might get a lot more mail traffic than others and might thus run out of space pretty fast (e.g. because of attachments and whatnot). So if that happens a user can open a ticket and request more space, e.g. 1 GB or 2 GB if need be which we will happily provide.

And then yesterday we got this ticket from a user who thinks she’s particularly entitled to having a super-duper large mailbox. 🙂

“Please increase my mailbox size to 1 Exabyte!”

So we call her back, thinking that maybe that was just a typo and she actually meant 1 Gigabyte …

“NO! I really mean 1 Exabyte!” she insists.

“I need all the mailbox space you can give me!! I am sooo tired of constantly running out of space …”

“Constantly” Ticket history shows that she’s only had her mailbox size increased once so far: from 500 MB to 800 MB. And that was like 1 year ago. Storage analysis shows she’s got like 750 MB in her mailbox now. So given the growth rate of her mailbox over the past year, 1 GB should do just fine for her. If she runs out of that space too she can request 2 GB in about a year or so …

“No! I want 1 Exabyte …!!”

Of course, I refuse. There’s no way in this Universe I could give her that much space!!

“I am going to escalate to your manager!” she screams.

I can hear my manager’s phone ringing. He picks up and the only thing I can hear is laughter.

That phone call didn’t even last 30 seconds. My manager walks to my desk laughing ear to ear and tears in his eyes: “Yeah. Right. Just give her 1 GB and then close the ticket. And don’t forget to print it out and put a frame on it. That ticket needs to be in our hall of fame …”

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