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A Liberate IT Support agreement provides our clients with 24/7 support and proactive monitoring. It unlocks the expertise of our experienced and eager engineers to protect and support your business. Building resilience against the latest cyber-attacks and threats to protect your privacy, reputation and avoid costly data breaches.

We are committed to providing zero downtime solutions to ensure our clients can work whenever and wherever they need to.  We were recently approached by Saint Anns Sheet Metal who were concerned about their IT Security and their level of proactive cover.

The Challenge
The Challenge - Square

The Challenge

Our manufacturing client already had a working IT infrastructure in place with all the traditional components; a firewall, server, backup solution, and antivirus. Their backup solution was less than reliable, often skipping backups for a day or two but luckily they hadn’t relied on it … yet.

Their main issue was that there were complaints across the company of malicious emails, that were a nuisance and could cause huge financial losses if anyone fell for them. The problem had not improved after numerous complaints to the old IT support provider. The management team were very eager to improve their IT security and prevent a problem that could take the entire company offline or cause real financial damage to the company. We also wanted to improve their backup solution, because a solution that was only working “some” of the time was not good enough.

The Solution

Our onboarding process for any new support client includes a full security audit, an assessment of the IT infrastructure and its purposes, and an audit of every user account and IT device. This full and free audit separates us from normal IT support providers who just try to pick up where the old company left off. Our audit and bespoke documentation help us to get to know the client and their systems better and enables the great work that follows.

Here are just some of the improvements we made to this client:

  • The Liberate IT backup and replication solution:
    • Reduced restore times from 24 hours to 15 minutes
    • Fully encrypted backups at rest and in transit.
    • No more swapping unencrypted disks every day.
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  • 24 Users and 42 computers were disabled and locked out. Many had left the company years ago!
    • Improved security by reducing access to key systems.
    • Reduced potential risk of confidential data leak
    • Reduced risk of malicious harm to systems from ex-employees.
  • Introduced new starter and leaver procedures to proactively lock out old users and computers and improve business processes.
  • Mailbox number reduced from 62 to 40
    • Reduced email filtering costs (which are charged per mailbox).
    • Reduced spam and malicious email across the company.
  • Upgraded antivirus to the latest version utilising Liberate IT’s central admin console.
  • Blocked access to key systems from outside the UK, only allowing access from approved devices.
  • Installed a monitoring agent on every PC, laptop, and server allowing whole network monitoring and maintenance.
  • Attained Cyber Essentials Accreditation for the client’s IT infrastructure (Cyber Essentials includes Cyber Insurance)!

All of this enhanced productivity, and dramatically improved security. Our onboarding process is key to bringing your systems up to scratch, and cleans up old records allowing us to see any future issues more clearly.

We take a proactive approach to our IT support, which saves us and our clients time and costs. Our cloud backup solution meant that if a catastrophic incident occurred and both servers were to fail, the servers could be recovered within an hour. As part of Liberate’s IT support, we provide annual disaster recovery tests that test both on and offsite backups. Guaranteed maximum 4 hours downtime was a worst-case scenario which the client found extremely reassuring.

  • Improved client security and connectivity on the network
  • Introduced policies and procedures for new/ old users
  • Introduced a secure and redundant backup system
  • Upgraded antivirus and network monitoring
  • Gave the client peace of mind

We understand our clients’ requirements and they can call on us 24/7 to help.

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