The Importance Of A Good IT Strategy

The Importance Of A Good IT Strategy

In the business world, having a business strategy is a must. Today, IT and business strategies are inseparable, but together businesses are poised and prepared to deliver value to their clients.

What is an IT Strategy?

An IT strategy aims to align technology and operations with business goals. It clearly sets goals for how those technologies will be implemented and used to achieve key business objectives. By having a strategy in place, an organization understands if a business wants to improve, technology must evolve as well. An IT strategy enables business outcomes, competitive differentiation, and customer value.

In fact, if you don’t have an IT strategy, you risk being unable to fulfil business objectives. This creates a gap between business demands and IT. This may, in turn, lead to an adversarial relationship between lines of business and IT. Think of it this way: most of today’s IT organisations are reactive. They solve IT problems as they happen, such as help desk calls, equipment set up and access issues. So many resources are required to handle these everyday problems, that there’s not much time left to look ahead.

An IT strategy can help alleviate this: it gives IT the opportunity to have a seat at the table to discuss business plans upfront and eliminates the fire drill that would happen without this foresight. It gets IT recognized as an overall contributor to business development and aligns IT, and staff, with the company mission.

The Benefits of a Fully Realised IT Strategy

A fully implemented IT strategy can provide many benefits. Some of those include:

Role Clarity

If there’s a technical problem, is it your responsibility or your provider’s? If you don’t have a provider, who in your company is responsible for your IT infrastructure? An IT strategy will define individual roles and responsibilities to prevent duplicity of solutions and unnecessary costs.

Elimination of Duplicates

Formulating an IT strategy forces you to perform an audit of your enterprise architecture. This helps to identify software that’s doing the same or similar job. Each piece of software that’s performing the same job is unneeded and costs your business money.

Identify Bottlenecks

In addition to helping you find duplicates, the audit also identifies existing technology that’s holding you back or that doesn’t fit with your business plan for growth.

Lower Operational Costs

An IT strategy provides a planned approach to purchasing hardware and software. This is more cost-effective in the long run and allows for informed budgeting.

Competitive Advantage

When you plan ahead, it forces you to think about the future and how technology trends may change before you reach your business objectives. This encourages early adoption of new technology, which can provide a leg up on the competition.


IT Strategy Step-By-Step Process:


Start with an IT Review

All good IT strategies start with a complete review of your business and IT systems.

An IT review is an in-depth analysis of your company’s IT policies, operations and entire infrastructure. It investigates whether the current systems are actually up to scratch, in line with industry best practices and align with your business goals. The audit should also uncover any risks associated with your IT infrastructure and provide you with the next steps to help reduce these risks.

New Systems & Processes

Our experienced engineers will help identify new systems and processes you can implement to help you save time and make your business assets more secure.

Future Planning

Our team will work with you to create a comprehensive plan for your IT systems that will incorporate your business goals and your future growth.

Backups & Security

Our engineers ensure your backups are working effectively to avoid potential data loss. We also ensure your systems are protected from viruses and malware.

How We Can Help

Often business owners do not feel they have the knowledge required to put together an IT Strategy. For these businesses, outsourcing your IT should definitely be explored. A professional outsourced IT company will possess both the business and technology skills required to ensure that the full benefits of an IT strategy are realised for your business.

Whether you are a Liberate IT client or not we’d be happy to undertake a review of your current systems and suggest ways to develop your IT Strategy. Just get in touch

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