MSP provider CTS hit by a major cyberattack!

A hacker coding with a neon background.

CTS, a managed service provider for law firms in the United Kingdom faces a major cyberattack that has disrupted its services leaving law firms unable to access case management files and home buyers left in limbo. The problem at CTS is having a massive impact on the firms involved in property completions and around 80 law firms have also been affected. It was thought that CTS was hacked through a Citrix bleed bug which is being exploited by cyber criminals.

A Citrix bleed bug allows hackers to exploit and bypass password requirements and multifactor authentication (MFA), to hijack into legitimate user sessions and harvest the user’s details.

What can Liberate IT do to keep your data secure?

At Liberate IT we can reduce cyber threats with conditional access, which blocks logins to your systems from locations or devices you do not permit. We can lock down access to the UK, your offices, or to only specified devices. Conditional access almost takes your security back to the days when your data was held offline, in a secure office!

The Liberate IT security team use specialist software to monitor logins to your systems, alerting us of suspicious activity, such as multiple failed login attempts, login attempts from overseas, and now ‘impossible travel’ logins.

What is impossible travel?

An Impossible travel login is when your username logs in from one location, and then another far away location in an impossibly short amount of time. Imagine if you login from Derbyshire, and then London 30 seconds later. It would be impossible for you to travel from Derby to London in that amount of time, so we are alerted, and your account blocked from further logins. If you want to learn more about the IT security features, we offer at Liberate IT make sure to check out our other blog posts here and our list of services here.

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