Changing your default browser on Windows and MacOS.

Default browser selection

How to change your default browser on Windows and Mac:

There are two ways you can change your default browser on windows.

The first method is the settings method:

Go to settings (you can do this by clicking the windows icon and selecting the settings icon.)

Select apps from the settings menu.

On the left click on default apps.

Scroll down to find the web browser section and click on the current browser, then choose the browser you would like to use as the default browser.

The second method is the control panel method:

Open the control panel ( you can search for this in the start menu search bar.)

Click on programmes or programmes and features.

Select set default programmes.

Choose your preferred browser from the list and the click set this programme as default.

When using MacOS:

Click on the apple logo in the top left corner and select system preferences.

Choose general.

Look for the default web browser option.

Click on the dropdown menu and choose the browser you want as the default.

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