New Vulnerability Discovered In Business-Class Routers

New Vulnerability Discovered In Business-Class Routers

We have been made aware that there is a new vulnerability in web-accessible devices including many major brands of firewalls.

Draytek has already made an announcement and if you are a Liberate IT Support client you can breathe a sigh of relief. Within 24 hours of the warning from Draytek, your firewall will have been updated and configured to help you avoid the issue. If you are not a Liberate IT support client, then get in touch today – 0115 684 8800.

Draytek Warning

The exact details of the vulnerability have not been made clear but we are being advised to update all web-accessible devices to the latest firmware version. We are also being advised to heighten security by disabling older HTTPS encryption methods (enabled as standard on all devices) and lockdown web access using ACL – Access Control Lists.

These advisories are already something we implement as standard, both for new equipment and whenever a new client joins Liberate IT Support. This is all part of our onboarding health check.

When a new company join Liberate IT Services our dedicated IT support engineers spend on average 10 hours bringing the clients systems up to scratch to improve security, reliability and the speed of IT support. Best yet – all of this engineering work is completely free!

In the modern age of IT security threats, we need to be proactive to keep one step ahead of cybercriminals and to keep our data safe. Securing your data and IT systems could be even more important to your company if you are storing personal data such as individuals contact details. The GDPR that comes into effect on the 25th of May will mean any company with insufficient IT security measures will face huge fines if data is leaked or lost. These fines also apply to those who do not follow the strict consent guidelines and other principles of the GDPR. Find out more on the ICO website here.

So ask your business IT support provider how often they update firmware and software on your devices, and if the answer is not every month, get in touch with Liberate IT Services for a free health check.

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