Rogue Access Points - The Biggest Threat To Business WiFi

Rogue Access Points - The Biggest Threat To Business WiFi

Rogue access point detection is an essential feature for any business WiFi deployment. It helps to secure your data just as much as your WiFi password and encryption!

Imagine the attached office next door puts up duplicate signage to your own business, they dress in your uniform and introduce themselves as your company, and then steal from unsuspecting visitors. This is exactly what could be happening to your WiFi data…

Without specialised equipment – just a regular wireless access point – anyone with basic IT knowledge can set up a WiFi network with the same name and password as your business WiFi. You would unknowingly connect to the hackers’ WiFi thinking you’re just logging on to your work WiFi!

When you connect to the hackers’ WiFi you are given access to the internet, but this is served on a malicious network. All traffic over the WiFi is ‘snooped’. WiFi snooping is a technical term for simply looking at the traffic being sent between your device and the WiFi. Inspecting every input on a keyboard sent, every word, every website browsed, even every document opened!

Not only is your data at risk, but there could be further reputation damage if a WiFi network is set up in your name, serving malicious content to any guests who log on.

A rogue access point essentially bypasses all your WiFi security, so should never be ignored. The WiFi access point could be set up next door, across the road, or even hidden in your property. Our central WiFi management monitors all our clients’ WiFi in real-time and alerts us to any rogue access points immediately. This allows us to change and re-secure the business WiFi, as well as narrow down the search for the rogue access point location.

Is your WiFi solution capable of detecting rogue access points?

Does your IT team monitor your WiFi in real-time? Do they respond immediately to threats before they cause damage, potential data loss and ICO fines? See the guide to GDPR from the ICO here.

Rogue access points create a huge hole in your IT security, overriding many other protective measures. That is why we include managed WiFi with all our IT support agreements. We look after your entire IT security, so we couldn’t have it any other way.

Upgrade your WiFi to a truly managed and business-class solution. Contact Liberate IT today!

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