The Benefits of a Managed IT Checklist

The Benefits Of A Managed IT Checklist

We have been developing and designing a Managed IT checklist here at Liberate IT, and it’s finally out! We have put a lot of time and effort into creating a checklist that we think covers some of the main points that all businesses should ask themselves when it comes to their IT systems. You may have seen some of our social media posts talking about how proud we are of it. If you haven’t, check out our business LinkedIn page here.

Many people are lost in the dark when it comes to their business’s IT. However, with a checklist, you can make an informed choice to match your needs to help drive success and growth in your business. We understand that it’s not always a straightforward decision when it comes to IT systems and you may still be wondering if a Managed IT service is suitable for your business.

So, to help clear things up, we’ve put together a checklist for your business. If one or more of the following apply, there is a Managed IT package that we provide with your name on it. You can download the checklist by visiting our Managed IT Checklist page.

Still not convinced?

Ok. Let’s go through some of the main points of this checklist and discuss how it would benefit you to check the checklist out.

When it comes to your business’s IT, the most cost-efficient and hassle-free solution by far is a Managed IT Support Package.

If your business doesn’t have a support package, it can leave you vulnerable to failures. If you have a problem with your systems then you will have to fix them without support. This can be tedious and stressful for most people, especially if you have other responsibilities to tend to.

You don’t have a disaster recovery plan

Disaster recovery plans (DRP) are put in place to protect businesses should the worst happen. It could be a flood, a hack, a power cut or anything else that threatens to wipe your data from the face of the earth. Every day you do business without a DRP, you are essentially gambling your business’s future.

A Managed IT provider will put plans in place to handle any kind of IT disaster. All your data will be backed up, and you’ll have the means to get things back online with minimal disruption to your business.

You’re dedicating too much time to dealing with IT issues

As a business owner who is responsible for the growth and productivity of your company, the last thing you want to be doing is trying to solve issues with your computer. Even if you have a decent knowledge of technology, solving IT problems is bound to not be the best use of your time.

A managed IT provider completely takes the stress of IT off your shoulders. No matter how big or small the problem, there will be an expert ready to solve it without you even having to raise a finger. This eliminates the constant worry of IT and gives you back the time to focus on your business.

Your IT infrastructure is outdated

Technology is moving at such a fast pace nowadays that many SMEs are finding their devices and software are getting quickly outdated. It might be that you can’t access essential new software because your hardware is an older version. It might be that you can’t correctly open certain files. Or it might just be that your computers are just really slow.

Whatever signs of age your technology might be showing, a managed IT provider can help bring you smoothly and securely up to date.

If the few points that we have mentioned have interested you, check out our Checklist here to learn more!

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